Women do 15 things early in the morning, slimming, anti - Beauty

nk that getting up is a small matter,
women as long as the rational use of this period of time to do good health,
you can achieve beauty,
anti-aging effect.
What are you waiting for? Just spending 10 more minutes every day to do the details will benefit you throughout your life.
what's the first thing about getting out of bed? Not brushing your teeth are not open my eyes,
but stay in bed for five minutes.
Many people think that the bed is bad habits,
but in fact,
fierce play are forced to blood down,
causing sudden changes in blood pressure,
dizziness and other symptoms caused by.
in the morning,
it's better to open your eyes and then don't get up.
When you're in the neutral position,
lie on the bed,
move your limbs and head,
and get up in 5 minutes.
wake up,