Welfare Zhang Yimou, please go to the movies

the fifth generation movie Godfather China film leader,
Wu Tianming,
his last work bainiaozhaofeng the upcoming May 6th National release.
It is about the people in the current era of impetuous,
the artisan spirit heritage,
not to be impressed by the capricious reality,
and the pursuit of ideal.
The film is a portrait of Wu Tianming as a director,
as well as his love of art.
The suona is not blowing to listen to others,
is a blow to myself.
Wu Tianming has been training a generation of Chinese filmmakers,
including Zhang Yimou,
Kaige Chen,
Huang Jianxin,
Tian Zhuangzhuang,
He Ping,
Gu Changwei and other well-known director; also had China movies to the world,
temporarily won many awards,
including what is known as the Red Sorghum king of the children Black Cannon Incident.
He also