Good bye, Obama

e: chinanews.
com (http://dwz.
cn/3goCWN) President Obama in his last White House Correspondents dinner object with wit his ridicule including media,
Republican and Trump,
even he coveted the presidency of Hilary Saunders and the Democratic Party,
has not escaped his ridicule.
The following is the CNN (CNN) for his reorganization of the ten golden sentences: 1 talking about the career after leaving office.
If I'm here the performance is good,
I want to make good use of the Goldman Sachs Group next year,
make Tubman (Tubman,
a 0 bill on the new characters,
before 2 female fighters) on late stage.
Local time on April 24th,
in London,
President Obama on the lawn of Winfield manor trot all the way,
go to the British firefighters and police officers shake hands.
I do apologize.
I know