How to choose the best Turquoise?

now become the darling of the strong rise Wenwan circle,
many Wenwan fans want their string to add some accessories,
or a collection of beautifully carved pieces of turquoise,
turquoise disc play to feel the fun,
look at the changes in turquoise gradually,
as years of continuous transformation,
let oneself precipitation.
Whether the quality of many elements of turquoise,
turquoise as small industry practitioners,
stone friends talk on the selection of turquoise.
The first [] the first condition -- Wenwan Turquoise ore without any optimization.
Wenwan fun is set to play,
of course,
friends who need to be set to play with conditions of turquoise.
Unlike in foreign countries,
they only consider them as jewelry.
Don't believe the micro Qin will also change,
since it is not Wenwan,