Every response to female passengers murdered the driver with real information registered for the fake license plate

ws reporter Zhou Kuanwei in Shenzhen a net about car drivers suspected of robbing and killing female passengers,
the night of May 3rd,
the company issued notification confirmed micro-blog drops long,
the vehicles of the company platform ride,
suspected driver with real information registered on the platform and through the audit,
but the vehicle license its temporary forgery.
Missing a bell,
the circle of friends circulated missing person notice.
On the evening of May 2nd,
the victim's family post asked for help,
said the 24 year old woman Zhongmou night in Shenzhen,
Nanshan District to ride a net,
about the car lost contact.
Post information display: more than 9 points that night,
sitting in a clock ride from home drops back to the school dormitory,
the normal time should be more than

[personnel] Huayuan intends to recommend for Fengxian District mayor candidate

Party Committee Organization Department released this morning,
for in the selection and appointment of cadres to further expand democracy in the work,
listen to the opinions of the masses,
the cadres selected,
according to the provisions of the selection,
selection and appointment of leading cadres work,
the municipal Party committee decided to Huayuan comrades before serving publicity.
See below.
born in May 1974,
Han nationality,
native born in Shanghai,
full time university,
Bachelor of science,
master of public administration,
joined the work in July 1996,
joined the Communist Party of China in January 1996.
Qingpu district Party committee is currently standing committee,
deputy mayor.
Intends to recommend for Fengxian District mayor candidate.
Publicity time is from M

How to choose the best Turquoise?

now become the darling of the strong rise Wenwan circle,
many Wenwan fans want their string to add some accessories,
or a collection of beautifully carved pieces of turquoise,
turquoise disc play to feel the fun,
look at the changes in turquoise gradually,
as years of continuous transformation,
let oneself precipitation.
Whether the quality of many elements of turquoise,
turquoise as small industry practitioners,
stone friends talk on the selection of turquoise.
The first [] the first condition -- Wenwan Turquoise ore without any optimization.
Wenwan fun is set to play,
of course,
friends who need to be set to play with conditions of turquoise.
Unlike in foreign countries,
they only consider them as jewelry.
Don't believe the micro Qin will also change,
since it is not Wenwan,