Tears rush to Alonso, this scene heartbreaking

2-1 victory over Atletico at the Allianz stadium,
Bayern still missed the Champions League final for three consecutive years.
The whistle of the moment,
Bayern veteran Alonso slumped into the ground,
their heart lost he shed tears heroes,
covered her face with a shirt is a fell dejected.
The Spanish midfielder opened the scoring for Bayern,
giving the team their hopes of promotion.
despite Alonso's best efforts,
Bayern was finally eliminated,
and his dream of holding the Champions League would have to wait for another year.
Because Atletico ferocious high closing down play,
Alonso is not fit for single waist role in many people's eyes,
his speed and then steals the risk may be caused by the team goal.
But in the game against Atletico,
compared to compatriot Tiago,
Alonso's p