Reuters, Wanda Commercial trends may consider backdoor listing in Shanghai

oted sources said,
Wanda business in the Shanghai Stock Exchange IPO plan if you can not soon be released supervision,
you may seek backdoor listing.
media reports said,
Dalian Wanda Group is raising funds to arrange its listing in Hongkong Wanda business (3699.
HK) privatization,
and then listed in Shanghai.
Related briefing documents show that Dalian Wanda said that if Wanda Commercial delisting after two years failed to be listed in Shanghai,
will pay as high as 12% annual interest rate.
Wanda business in Hongkong listed only 15 months later,
Dalian Wanda Group will consider its privatization,
because of its performance is not satisfied with the stock price,
choose to treasure in the return to Shanghai listed.
Sources familiar with the financing said the offer by Dalian Wanda Gr