[health] diabetic peripheral neuropathy, poor glycemic control, can cause amputation

eripheral neuropathy is one of the most common chronic complications of diabetes mellitus.
The incidence rate is as high as 60%-90%.
Treatment of Department of Endocrinology,
Affiliated Changzheng Hospital of Second Military Medical University,
in the prevention of chronic complications of diabetes mellitus has strong professional advantage,
endocrine director Professor Shi Yongquan treatment of chronic complications of diabetes is quite good,
rich experience.
Director Shi Yongquan summarized the prevention of diabetic peripheral neuropathy Trilogy : 1) without neuropathy patients should strengthen glycemic control,
prevent diabetic peripheral neuropathy,
and at the same time every year to do the relevant checks,
to early screening to determine whether a complication of neuropathy.
2) pat