Yan value small SUV, nothing more than these paragraphs

n recent years the domestic SUV market booming,
the small SUV will occupy a large share; but at that time,
a small SUV joint venture brands,
is nothing more than XR-V,
these models; if you are young,
want to choose a color value of small SUV high,
so optional models less,
small to give us three small SUV about 150 thousand of the recommended,
to see if there is no suitable for you.
SAIC Buick - angkola guide price: 13.
69 million selling driving in today's three high quality small SUV,
angkola color values do generally,
chose it because of its high running texture and rich configuration is worth considering; in the running process,
very good for noise handle it,
if you want a quiet driving environment,
then angkola will not disappoint you,
in fact,
the appearance