What do Hitler and Mussolini like to eat for the dictator's supper?

quire editors and look around the tyrant's kitchen.
Ignoring his wife and children protest,
Mussolini every night to eat my favorite food,
pour lemon juice raw garlic.
Have you ever imagined the dictator's recipes? Although Hitler has advertised himself as a vegetarian,
but it is the love of food is stuffed with dove tongue,
liver and pistachio roast pigeon,
Mussolini's love of food is caught in the lemon juice and olive oil chopped garlic,
although his wife and children to eat every night before will be issued a solemn protest.
A typical vegetarian feast although Mr.
Hitler declared himself to be a devout vegan,
compared to other authoritarian do show of compassion and sympathy for animal more (of course,
not including the human),
but he really can not resist the temptation of dove and