Mr. circle, the exclusive director of Jordan Chan's dream

Esquire decided that the first time the news broke to you],
the end of the day ON file work status of Jordan Chan,
and fashion gentleman Esquire close to share the OFF file 12 hours.
At this time,
we dig into you haven't seen,
because students love the 4 new identity - live photographer Xiaochun and plate spring,
pet wife kuangmo Xiaochun and director Meng Xiaochun.
Jordan Chan said,
your first impression is probably the case to dig into the fashion,
is not the same! Inequable! Inequable! (exclusive to say three times) Jordan Chan: Jordan Chan once said: I and the son is said to be a mars hit the earth.
Mars is short of water,
the earth has water,
and the earth drops water to go to Mars,
so that it will last forever.
Love attributes MAX metaphor,
so that