Live in the first tier cities, one square meter housing prices can buy what car?

recently received a Shenzhen reader,
said he wanted to buy a house recently,
but Shenzhen's average price of fifty thousand,
his eyes are Liuqiwanyi flat,
too expensive,
and with small high prices can not afford to buy various Tucao.
Small heart to hear that is not a pain ah the reader,
feel happy enough,
but at least you still can afford to buy a house,
but small? With this month thousands of pieces of wages,
rental housing can not afford to rent,
that is more than tears.
In order to calm the mood,
or ease of writing it,
and enough money to buy a villa got directly.
Xiao Bian thought,
a house price of fifty thousand square meters,
one hundred square house is one hundred fifty thousand,
but fifty thousand in China can buy a car,
a house is equal to 100 cars,
if the 100 car front row.