In an interview with Stoner in the spirit of the Dark Kingdom translator Yang Xiangrong linger

ups and downs in life,
and the word failure is too pale for people like Stoner.
Yang Xiangrong never showed up,
and he was willing to accept online interviews by editors who politely refused to meet.
Rejection is not unexpected,
although several years engaged in translation,
published works a lot,
and last year because of the translation of Stoner was named the Beijing news translator,
but to pay attention to his readers,
trying to understand Yang Xiangrong's outline will be forced to interrupt,
he accidentally or intentionally concealing identity,
it seems hard to find traces.
Yang Xiangrong had only been interviewed by a newspaper in Shenzhen,
searching for Baidu and pointing out very few of his content.
Online interviews are slow and the exchanges of the past few days ar