Finally, when you're OK, I didn't give up WeChat, it's so close

nformation at the large number of public concern you but Xiaobian believe that car buying beauty is your heart.
You don't want to miss the car to buy every day to update more don't want to miss a day on sofa,
small beautiful love all of the fans want to quickly find the car buying public number the first time to grab the sofa so small a big move for you good car to buy the public number can be either the top or the first Android phone kidney X WeChat update to the latest version of 6.
16 as shown in the figure and find your favorite number in the public and at the upper right corner of the picture,
the top of the public,
the function switch.
If your mobile phone is the Android system,
directly to find the number of the public subscription number in the list,
and then press t