Fawkes, or, fortune, poor, one word, the price difference far, which to buy?

15 of the Fawkes family after the listing,
with Martin's face design,
the new 1.
5T engine,
which has been a lot of people's attention; also with the Changan Ford and a compact car Fu Rui Adams are selling better than Fawkes,
then these two cars sent a word,
whether to buy which good? Fu Rui Si price guide price: 9.
98 million Fawkes guide price: 11.
58 million from the price,
just to form a remarkably fulfilling phenomenon,
in fact Fawkes is worth the price,
then take a look at what is best for you.
The appearance before the 2015 Fawkes not listed,
and not by Martin face,
is a big advantage and Fu Rui Adams used Martin face,
give people a strong sense of shock,
feeling like a beast to rush to you now,
two cars were designed with Martin's face,
and Fawkes the hatchback ve