Are you Ampquot gay song, Ampquot's bossy president or a goblin?

tertainment Zhuangao (text / Dong Xiaojie editor / Deng Jia) Ode to joy sparked a wide variety of topics.
Among them,
all kinds of fancy to show rich Liu Tao as Andy,
played by Jin Dong Tan Zongming,
played by Zu Feng and Wang Ziwen as the Song Wei Wei Xiao Xiao led by the elite,
all money light plays with Yang Zi's family,
Qiu Yingying Qiao Xin played off Juer and Jiang Xin led by Fan Shengmei's sharp enough to spend contrast.
Of course,
in addition to the direct performance of the poor and rich in the story,
happy song of this Virgo crew also in the costumes on foot.
Look at each set,
their clothes are too real! Sometimes secretly scary,
just look at the clothing of minutes will be able to identify the identity of characters -- when you wear A word skirt,
you fall in love is blind