Live in the first tier cities, one square meter housing prices can buy what car?

recently received a Shenzhen reader,
said he wanted to buy a house recently,
but Shenzhen's average price of fifty thousand,
his eyes are Liuqiwanyi flat,
too expensive,
and with small high prices can not afford to buy various Tucao.
Small heart to hear that is not a pain ah the reader,
feel happy enough,
but at least you still can afford to buy a house,
but small? With this month thousands of pieces of wages,
rental housing can not afford to rent,
that is more than tears.
In order to calm the mood,
or ease of writing it,
and enough money to buy a villa got directly.
Xiao Bian thought,
a house price of fifty thousand square meters,
one hundred square house is one hundred fifty thousand,
but fifty thousand in China can buy a car,
a house is equal to 100 cars,
if the 100 car front row.

What do Hitler and Mussolini like to eat for the dictator's supper?

quire editors and look around the tyrant's kitchen.
Ignoring his wife and children protest,
Mussolini every night to eat my favorite food,
pour lemon juice raw garlic.
Have you ever imagined the dictator's recipes? Although Hitler has advertised himself as a vegetarian,
but it is the love of food is stuffed with dove tongue,
liver and pistachio roast pigeon,
Mussolini's love of food is caught in the lemon juice and olive oil chopped garlic,
although his wife and children to eat every night before will be issued a solemn protest.
A typical vegetarian feast although Mr.
Hitler declared himself to be a devout vegan,
compared to other authoritarian do show of compassion and sympathy for animal more (of course,
not including the human),
but he really can not resist the temptation of dove and

Mr. circle, the exclusive director of Jordan Chan's dream

Esquire decided that the first time the news broke to you],
the end of the day ON file work status of Jordan Chan,
and fashion gentleman Esquire close to share the OFF file 12 hours.
At this time,
we dig into you haven't seen,
because students love the 4 new identity - live photographer Xiaochun and plate spring,
pet wife kuangmo Xiaochun and director Meng Xiaochun.
Jordan Chan said,
your first impression is probably the case to dig into the fashion,
is not the same! Inequable! Inequable! (exclusive to say three times) Jordan Chan: Jordan Chan once said: I and the son is said to be a mars hit the earth.
Mars is short of water,
the earth has water,
and the earth drops water to go to Mars,
so that it will last forever.
Love attributes MAX metaphor,
so that

In an interview with Stoner in the spirit of the Dark Kingdom translator Yang Xiangrong linger

ups and downs in life,
and the word failure is too pale for people like Stoner.
Yang Xiangrong never showed up,
and he was willing to accept online interviews by editors who politely refused to meet.
Rejection is not unexpected,
although several years engaged in translation,
published works a lot,
and last year because of the translation of Stoner was named the Beijing news translator,
but to pay attention to his readers,
trying to understand Yang Xiangrong's outline will be forced to interrupt,
he accidentally or intentionally concealing identity,
it seems hard to find traces.
Yang Xiangrong had only been interviewed by a newspaper in Shenzhen,
searching for Baidu and pointing out very few of his content.
Online interviews are slow and the exchanges of the past few days ar

Water retrograde metaphase 12 constellation love fortune detailed interpretation

e has been commissioned by the author: the answer to astrology.
Would you like to know more about the answer to astrology? Welcome to search micro signal: panda--star public number: sentence horoscope in May,
Mercury also went to the middle of a variety of variables is still a week before the calculation and.
Everyone says the water retrograde strategy doesn't quench thirst.
I want to say more about feelings.
here it is!! See 12 signs need to tackle areas in which to make love peach gave Aries in the feeling of the acquisition of personal value is the key consideration,
this relationship is to what happened or enduring as the universe? The greedy maybe before now let you see some hidden problems,
perhaps that attitude has not missed the best time,
next half a month,
you want to mak

Are you Ampquot gay song, Ampquot's bossy president or a goblin?

tertainment Zhuangao (text / Dong Xiaojie editor / Deng Jia) Ode to joy sparked a wide variety of topics.
Among them,
all kinds of fancy to show rich Liu Tao as Andy,
played by Jin Dong Tan Zongming,
played by Zu Feng and Wang Ziwen as the Song Wei Wei Xiao Xiao led by the elite,
all money light plays with Yang Zi's family,
Qiu Yingying Qiao Xin played off Juer and Jiang Xin led by Fan Shengmei's sharp enough to spend contrast.
Of course,
in addition to the direct performance of the poor and rich in the story,
happy song of this Virgo crew also in the costumes on foot.
Look at each set,
their clothes are too real! Sometimes secretly scary,
just look at the clothing of minutes will be able to identify the identity of characters -- when you wear A word skirt,
you fall in love is blind

Yan value small SUV, nothing more than these paragraphs

n recent years the domestic SUV market booming,
the small SUV will occupy a large share; but at that time,
a small SUV joint venture brands,
is nothing more than XR-V,
these models; if you are young,
want to choose a color value of small SUV high,
so optional models less,
small to give us three small SUV about 150 thousand of the recommended,
to see if there is no suitable for you.
SAIC Buick - angkola guide price: 13.
69 million selling driving in today's three high quality small SUV,
angkola color values do generally,
chose it because of its high running texture and rich configuration is worth considering; in the running process,
very good for noise handle it,
if you want a quiet driving environment,
then angkola will not disappoint you,
in fact,
the appearance

Fawkes, or, fortune, poor, one word, the price difference far, which to buy?

15 of the Fawkes family after the listing,
with Martin's face design,
the new 1.
5T engine,
which has been a lot of people's attention; also with the Changan Ford and a compact car Fu Rui Adams are selling better than Fawkes,
then these two cars sent a word,
whether to buy which good? Fu Rui Si price guide price: 9.
98 million Fawkes guide price: 11.
58 million from the price,
just to form a remarkably fulfilling phenomenon,
in fact Fawkes is worth the price,
then take a look at what is best for you.
The appearance before the 2015 Fawkes not listed,
and not by Martin face,
is a big advantage and Fu Rui Adams used Martin face,
give people a strong sense of shock,
feeling like a beast to rush to you now,
two cars were designed with Martin's face,
and Fawkes the hatchback ve

Finally, when you're OK, I didn't give up WeChat, it's so close

nformation at the large number of public concern you but Xiaobian believe that car buying beauty is your heart.
You don't want to miss the car to buy every day to update more don't want to miss a day on sofa,
small beautiful love all of the fans want to quickly find the car buying public number the first time to grab the sofa so small a big move for you good car to buy the public number can be either the top or the first Android phone kidney X WeChat update to the latest version of 6.
16 as shown in the figure and find your favorite number in the public and at the upper right corner of the picture,
the top of the public,
the function switch.
If your mobile phone is the Android system,
directly to find the number of the public subscription number in the list,
and then press t

Traffic police have started drones, law enforcement, to see if you have been photographed

s early as a few years ago,
the police uncle has already enabled UAVs to carry out investigation,
law enforcement.
They are generally bulky,
difficult to control,
and because of battery,
power and other reasons,
life is generally shorter,
so drones have always been only secret weapons used by public security organs and even scouts.
With the upgrading of technology and the application of 4G communication technology,
the traffic police uncle began to use this artifact to enforce the law.
Just in the past 51,
the traffic police uncle enabled this method,
the illegal occupation of the emergency Lane shot! According to statistics,
during the May Day period,
the traffic police in Guangzhou shot 350 lanes of punishment and occupied the emergency lane.
UAV law enforcement of illegal vehi